Touch-ready, tablet-ready
Anti-fraud recursive accounting
Best-in-class database platform
This is simply the best software!
ExcelDent is an object-oriented application, meaning that the user clicks on an object instead of typing instructions on a keyboard. This is the very best that technology can offer!
ExcelDent uses a 3-date accounting model as can be found in large corporations. This not only prevents internal fraud but it allows for much greater flexibility. It's more powerful, yet easier to use!
With ExcelDent, you get Microsoft SQL Server™ as a database manager, and nothing less. It's used by large multinational corporations and we figure that's what you deserve as well!
Created by dentists, for dentists!

Loaded with features

ExcelDent was created by dentists. And it shows. Built to make your life easier, faster and more productive. Nothing is comparable.