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Our Virtual Secretary

Imagine arriving at the clinic around 9:00 AM and discovering that all your confirmations for the day have already been done for you! Our surveys have found that patients love the service that our Virtual Secretary provides because she's quick, efficient and unintrusive. Patients love it and your operations are improved, everyone's a winner!
And more...
The Virtual Secretary will even contact patients at the appropriate moment in order to remind them that they're due for the next recall appointments. When it comes to amazing communication, she's the best!
As the name implies, it's a secretary like any other but is not human. She is programmed with a phenomenal amount of intelligent code and she thinks by herself so she doesn't need to be told what to do. Unlike a human secretary, she doesn't have a voice so she contacts patients via SMS text-messaging directly to their cellular telephones and via email. Further, she doesn't simply work in her corner but instead collaborates and communicates what she's done and what she will do to the other secretaries. It's like having another employee who doesn't require any salary. And is she ever productive!
What is a Virtual Secretary?