Created by dentists, for dentists!


A modern graphical billing interface which is based on the clicking of images, not on typing in codes using an old keyboard: what you see and click is what you get !
The big fast food chains abandoned code entry decades ago by touch-based point-of-sale systems. So if you want a small order of fries, you need only press a button. So why should dental offices continue to use outdated code-based systems? If you want a recall exam, you press the recall exam button. Child's play, fun and completely error-proof!
Our click-a-tooth process allows you to be keyboard-free. So bring on those tablets! Whether you're billing restorations, endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics or surgery, everything is touch-based. It's so incredibly easy! And whether you're creating a bill, a treatment plan, a claim or a predetermination, the process remains the same, so the training is cut in half.