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Updates provide new and wonderful features, and include periodic fee guide changes. Unlike the vast majority of dental practice management software out there, ExcelDent is continuously improved and enriched from all standpoints. This also means that the software will never become outdated. Remember, 10 years represents 3 software generations, meaning that software can get outdated very quickly.

With ExcelDent, you're covered !

Consequently, you can expect to receive several updates annually, unlike other software providers which only issue a single annual update notwithstanding whether important alterations and improvements are required to their systems.
Current version
Issued in December 2022, containing 2023 fee guides
Update 2.91
Prior versions
Update 2.88
Issued in November 2021, containing several new features
Update 2.87
Issued in December 2020, containing 2021 fee guides
Prior updates available upon request.
Issued in July 2015
Update 2.77
Issued in December 2015, containing 2016 fee guides
Update 2.78
Issued in August 2016
Update 2.79
Issued in December 2016, containing 2017 fee guides
Update 2.80
Issued in July 2017
Update 2.81
Issued in December 2017, containing 2018 fee guides
Update 2.82
Issued in March 2018, containing the RAMQ RFP system
Update 2.83
Issued in December 2018, containing 2019 fee guides
Update 2.84
Issued in December 2019, containing 2020 fee guides
Update 2.85
Issued in October 2020, containing several new features
Update 2.86
Issued in December 2021, containing 2022 fee guides
Update 2.89
Issued in September 2022, containing several new features
Update 2.90