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Minimum requirements

Computer technology is evolving rapidly and quality/price ratios keep rising. In order to better serve you, we are providing the following system recommendation in the event that you are in the market to buy some equipment.
Contrary to most dental management software packages on the market, ExcelDent was designed on one of the most technologically advanced software platforms. In fact, the application is so sophisticated and powerful that even certain Windows™ systems cannot support it. It is therefore important to be appropriately equipped. This is not to say that expensive out-of-the-ordinary equipment is required but that outdated equipment is inadequate for the job.

The following are the minimal requirements (i.e. if you have an old computer and want to know if it can still support ExcelDent):
Many competitors insist upon you buying your computer with them so that they may make some additional profit at your expense. We believe that a more honest approach is to provide you with all the material information that you need to make a smart purchase at a local merchant's which will provide you with attentive after-sale service...


- For server or main station: Intel I5, 11th generation, clock speed of 3.0 GHz or better.

- For satellite station, you can opt for a computer with less power, say an inexpensive

  pre-owned 4th generation Intel I5 or better.

Note that AMD processor-based stations are not recommended because these target residential applications and usually do not include the same quality of components as found in stations aimed at the business market segment.


RAM Memory

- For a server or main station: 16 GB RAM or more.

- For a satellite station: 4GB.  



- For a server or main station: 1TB SSD drive, preferably twoin RAID 1 configuration

  For added redundancy, you can put more disks in RAID5 or RAID10.

- For a satellite station: Any size single hard disks will do fine.



- For main/satellite stations: Windows 11 Pro™ 64 bit (the Pro version is recommended

  but not required).   Chrome, Windows S and Mac OS are not compatible.  Apple Mac computers 

  are also acceptable if running a  Windows system emulator such as Parallels.  

- For servers, Windows Server™ 2019 but versions 2012 and 2016 are fully




- 22 inch LED flat screen with 1200 x 1024 resolution. Touchscreen prices have

  dropped over the last few years, making them interesting options.

- 500 VA Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) on all stations.

- Laser printer (Hewlett Packard™ brand is very recommendable) .


Optional equipment which is very appreciated by dental practices

- Any inexpensive digital camera to take portraits of patients at the front desk

- A Dymo LabelWriter 450 printer (not the dual type)

- A duplex scanner with TWAIN interface (e.g. Epson 300)


For any station: Intel i3 is a minimum.  No AMD processors.


RAM Memory

For any station: 2 GB RAM. 



For any station: 80 GB hard drive.



For stations, Windows 7™ is an absolute minimum. Only 64-bit configuration.

N.B.: Windows 2003™, Windows RT™, Windows Vista™,

Windows S™ and Windows XP™ are not powerful enough to support ExcelDent.