Fully compliant with all standards
Best-in-class technology
Fast, reliable and friendly service
The most evolved dental software in Canada!
ExcelDent is approved for use with the electronic claim submission systems and/or tariff structures of the CDA, ODA, ODHA, ACDQ, FDSQ and RAMQ.
All database management is through Microsoft SQL Server™ which is used by large multinationals. No matter if you have only 1 computer or 100, you're in the best of hands!
Given that the software is so easy to use, you won't call us much. Few other software providers can say that up front. But when you do call, you won't have to wait long to get support!

In short...

ExcelDent was originally created in response to unimpressive pseudo-Windows software. The greatest emphasis was set on user-friendliness in order to better support employees who are not computer experts (i.e. the vast majority) through the means of an intuitive graphical interface and the integration of intelligence in the code design.

Since then, ExcelDent has continued to evolve in terms of intelligence integration which actually contains most of the knowledge required to operate in a dental environment. In other words, a user need not have much dental knowledge because the software already contains this knowledge and "thinks" for that person. Now that's user-friendliness brought to a whole new level! This type of technology is vastly different from all other products on the market. It makes life simpler, it speeds up operations and generates fewer human errors.

Nothing compares to ExcelDent. The dream of every dentist is here!
Created by dentists, for dentists!


Intelligence is integrated within the software so users don't have to know everything. It thinks for you. Imagine: it even comes with an auto-pilot!
If you are looking for top-in-class dental practice management software for Canadian dentists and hygienists, you're in the right place!